Sunday, June 23, 2013


Okay sooo lifes been a little hectic so i havent had much time to catch up on blogging in SL, but I did put together this Rave type outfit :P its all about PLUR! haha i guess this post is better late than never :P

Skin: Glam Affair : *Margot-Petal 02* @ The Arcade 

Hair: /Wasabi Pills\ : *Zoey*

Top: [SAKIDE] : *Slinky Tops-Black & White * @ Thrift Shop til the 29th

Necklace 1: MG : *Rapture Rave Smiley Necklace* @ Collabor88

Bracelets: MG : *Little Love Heart Hoops Bangles* @ Collabor88

Necklace 2: MG : *Summertime Easy Living*

Ring: [okkbye] : *Rad Rings-Smiley Stache* Collabor88

Backpack: (fd) : *Teddy Backpack Pal Blue* Collabor88

Shoes: {u.f.o} : *Margiella Cutting Sneakers-black* Collabor88

Keychain: Intrigue Co. : *Pixel Pets-Woof* Collabor88

Hood: *Nacon's Fury Bear Scarf-Polar* 

Tights: Erratic : *Fishnets wide-Hot Pink*

Shorts: [NV] Madworld: *Soley Shorts-Black*

Tattoo: Flaunt (Store Closed)

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