Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can't Stop Me

Yep ! its been awhile since ive blogged freebies but since ive been on my alt here you all go :P

Outfit (Skirt, Top, Scarf): (TokiD) : *Sale Area whole outfit was FREE! they have many items out til July 30th, so grab it while you can :) * 

Skin: Al Vulo : *Candy-Summer Sunset Cream* TDR only for a limited time 70L

Hair: >TRUTH< : *Becky* (ONLY AT THE TRUTH DISTRICT -join the group) comes in all colors FREE

Shoes: N-core : *Coquette Platform-Wild Edition* Group Gift Free 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Passive Agressive

Skirt: Kennedy's : *Ruffled Skirt-Blue Zebra* **My Sale Boudoir** Fair Festival

Skin: Mother Goose : *Salome-Summer Teeth/Summer Horror Special*

Shoes/socks: Kennedy's : *Strutters*

Bow: Kennedy's : *Hair Bow-Color Changing*

Bangles: Kennedy's : *Pink Skull Bangles*

Hair: +*HS*+ Hair : *::LAST:: Black* not sure if the store is still open

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jessica Hamby

Tops: *Digital Wonderland* : *True Blood Mesh Tanks* 

Hair (Left): >TRUTH< : *Jessie w/ Roots Marmalade* Past Group Gift

Hair (Right): >TRUTH< : *Becky-Gingers* Truth District gift -Fee to join now

Nails: Kennedy's : *Prim Nails-Extra Long-Color Changing*

Pants: ~Sassy! : *Casual Chic Leggings* Past Hunt Item

Make Up: REPULSE : *Bloody Tears III Face Tattoo* FREE 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cyber Bitch

Dress: Kennedy's : *Ripped to Shreds* Comes in Dif Colors (Does Not Include the Nipple Tape)

Shoes: [Blossom] : *Seraphim Turn's One Hunt Item-Pin Up* 

Mask: A&Y Bunker : *Cyber Gas Mask Rock*

Accessories: *DV8* (Store Closed) still on Marketplace with fewer items

Hair: A&Y Bunker : *Aeon Hair*

Young Crazed Peeling

Top: *Tentacio* : *Lola Tops* FREE Gift

Tattoo: Wicked Tattooes : *Joker* Lucky Board

Hair: [INK] : *Hair_NATUM White* Hair Fair FREEBIE

Earrings: ELUZION : *Samma Earrings* Subscribe O Gift

Bracelets: Blueberry : *Spring Bracelets* Group Gift Free

Belt: Loop : *Golfa Belt* Free Group Gift

Pants: ^^Moulliez : *SLH 2012 Gift* Free

Glasses: *Digital Wonderland* : *Deadmau5 Aviators* 30L

Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: : *Liquid Silver Piercings* (Yes the store is back :P)

Shoes: Kennedy's : *Skully Chucks* Subscribe-O Gift

Friday, July 20, 2012

Party Monster

Top: *Digital Wonderland* : *Party Monster Mesh Top* 5L top

Hair: Analog Dog : *ffwd Black* Hair Fair 2012 FREE gift

Pants: [Dulce] : *Genie Shorts-Black* Comes in dif colors

Belt: BUID : *Black Leather VI* The Perfect Wardrobe 

Make Up: DAMNED : *Cat Eyes*

Zombies make better boyfriends

Dress: *Digital Wonderland* : *Zombie Mesh Dress* The Latest Release :P 

Hair: ISON : *Viviana Special Edition Hair* FREE @ The Hair Fair 2012


Dress: Digital Wonderland : *MESH Cheshire Cat Dress*

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Ali/Twilight* FREE 

Make Up::Beauty Killer:: : *Gothic Eyeshadows* 

Ears: :GAUGED: : *Sanrio Elf Ears*

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NEW Graphic Tanks

Tanks/Tops: *Digital Wonderland* : *Graphic Tanks* New Release 10L Pack

Hair: Wasabi Pills : *Alice Mesh Hair-Vanilla Pudding*

Belt: BUID *Black Leather VI* The Perfect Wardrobe 

Piercing[Virtual/Insanity] : *Morbid Extravaganza Piercing Set*

Tattoo (Shoulder Sleeves)(flaunt) : *Kawaii Kitty Sleeves* Dollarbie

Grafitti Girl

Top: Razorblade Jacket : *Mesh Tube Top* Past Hunt Gift

Skirt: [Dulce] : *Tiny Skirt* Black (Comes in dif colors*

Hair: (RED) MINT : *MeshHair 00.* @ The Hair Fair 2012 FREE and their new mesh hair :P all colors

Tattoo: (flaunt) : *Kawaii Kitty Sleeves* Dollarbie

Bracelet (Right side): Adoness : *Princess Mia Bracelet* Past Hunt Gift

Bracelets (Left side) : Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry : *Silver and Leather Beaded Bracelet*

Make Up: M.O.C.K. : *Pandora's Gingersnaps and Champagne* FREE gift

Necklace: Mashooka : *Member Group Necklace* (not sure if its still around)

Skin: LAQ : *Elena Natural Edition-Milky* ONE VOICE EVENT 

Friday, July 13, 2012


So I was hopping around the One Voice event and I have to say there are so many nice things but mostly i found the most wonderful skin and hair ever :) All proceeds go to a good cause, if you haven't heard about Gala Phoenix's battle with Hush Skins, its something to read about/look into. One Voice is a fundraiser for Gala Phoenix's legal fees. 

Skin: LAQ : *Elena Natural Edition-Milky* ONE VOICE exclusive

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Break Away* ONE VOICE pack Exclusive

Top: *Digital Wonderland* : *Pink Flowered MESH Corset* 10L shirt

Necklace: League : *Raven Necklace*

Earrings: .HOD : *Dragon Spiral*

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So after listening to Veela all day long I decided to do a spread as a tribute to her, if you dont know who she is, she has wonderful music :) she has a beautiful voice and is featured in many dubstep collaborations :) Enjoy annd also enjoy my newest release :)

Top/Shirt: *Digital Wonderland* : *Black & Purple MESH Corset* 

Hair: lamb : *Teased Up-Lavender* FREE

Belt: ~Pepper~ : *Rivet Belt-Black*

Eyes: IKON : *Sunrise Eyes-Bleached Blue* Group Gift FREE limited offer

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Release *Digital Wonderland*

My latest top creation. 2 layers. Enjoy.

What I'm Wearing:

Hair: >TRUTH< : *Tisha-Crow*

Eyes: IKON : *Sunrise Eyes-Bleached Blue M* Group Gift Free for a limited time

Bracelets: :::SCRUB::: : *Paz* FREE sub-O gift

Pants: Doppelganger : *Damaged Peg Leg Jeans Black* 10L store is closing

Cameo Choker: Alyssa Bijoux : *Victorian Black Onyx Pearl Cameo Set*

Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm Ready!

New Release *Full Outfit*
For all those people who still watch Spongebob and giggle xD

Outfit: *Digital Wonderland* : * Spongebob Mesh Outfit* FULL 50L

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Sale

So while I was out shopping, I got word that Doppleganger is closing its doors for good on July 15th, with that being said, everything in their store is 50L, with a few 10L items upstairs. I Stumbled on this beautiful summer like dress for only 10L :)

Dress: Doppleganger : *Messina Dress Mattina* 10L

Hair: lamb : *Heart-Powder*

Rock It!

Look 2 (Right side)

Tops: *Digital Wonderland* : *Band Mesh Tanks Fat Pack* 50L

Glasses: *Digital Wonderland* : *Black & Red Aviator Glasses* 30L

Necklace: Sin & Virtue : *Punky Choker* Depraved Summer Love Hunt FREE

Hair: (RED) MINT : *Hair No.12 Highlights*

Jeans: *Crickets* : *Jeans apart of the Gracie Outfit*

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gothic Sheer

NEW RELEASE *Digital Wonderland*

Top/Shirt: *Digital Wonderland* : *Gothic Sheer Glam tops* Includes MESH layer and tube top

Skin: Al Vulo : *Julie-Dating on the Dark* GROUP GIFT FREE

Necklace: League : *The Raven Necklace*

Hair: >TRUTH< : *Jess-Crow*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drop it Like It's Hot

Outfit (Pants & Shirt): [FIEND] : *Drop It-MESH*

Glasses: *Digital Wonderland* : *Camo Aviator Glasses* 5L

Hair: .:Ploom:. : *Ana-Midnight*

Shoes: tram : *Flats* GROUP GIFT Free

Love Song

Outfit (Shirt/Skirt): [FIEND] : *Love Rocks-Tee/Belted Skirt*

Glasses*Digital Wonderland* : *Pink Polka Dot Aviators*

Hair: (RED) Mint : *No.7-Blacks*

Necklace: *LC* : *Knotted Pearls NomNom*

Monday, July 2, 2012


Outfit: [FIEND] : *OMG WTF worded Tee/Belted skirt/fishnet stockings*

Shoes: tram : *Flats* Group Gift free to join

Lollipop: DAMNED : *Lollipop* FREE

Glasses: ShadZ : *OMFG*

Skin: Panda Punx : *Reena Skin Group Gift FREE*

Sunday, July 1, 2012

NEW Design *Digital Wonderland*


Shorts can also be found on the marketplace store :) 5L shorts

Swag If you Want To

Top & Pants: {PopTart} : *How I Roll* MESH -Group Gift FREE

Hair: Ploom : *Seffy II -Ink*

Earrings: ELUZION : *Verania* Group Gift Free

Shoes: N-core : *Coquette-Platform Heels-Wild* Group Gift Free