Saturday, September 29, 2012

Windy Autumn

Another Preview! for The Forgotten Closet! It's almost here =D Starts October 1st

Outfit (Leggings & Sweater): [Chloe] : *Set Luana* @ The Forgotten Closet starts Oct 1st

Bench Poses: Nani : *Cozy Fall* @ The Forgotten Closet Starts Oct 1st

Hair: [CheerNo] : *Lotus Dark 3.1* Group Gift 1L dollarbie

Boots: Blueberry : *Group Gift Boots* (Old Group Gift)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gangnam SWAG

Heya all :) The SWAG fest is coming :P and there are some designers that are going to be featuring some kick ass stuffs! not the best background but it gave off the barn effect :P 

Shirt: {Pop Tart} : *Assorted Tanks* @ The SWAG Festival starts Oct 1st :)

Pants: {Pop Tart} : *Tonic Jeans-Cherry* @ The SWAG festival Oct 1st :)

Hair: Magika : *Tendency*

Eyes: I.D : *Flare-Violet* @ The Arcade Gatcha Event til Oct 5th! 25L to play

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Day I First Met You

More Previews! of the much anticipated Forgotten Closet :)

Cardigan Sweater & Jeans: Pretty Liar : *Dusty & Rust Hoodie Cardi and Dirtay Jeans* @ The Forgotten Closet Starts October 1st! (P.S does not include the tank underneath)

Necklace & Ring: ~Pepper~ : *I <3 Rock N Roll Ring and Necklace* @ The Perfect Wardrobe

Hair: [Elikatira] : *Control* 70% off til October 1st!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Forgotten Closet

Heya everyone :D The Forgotten Closet is coming soon! It features some amazing designers who will be putting out some outfits that will be 100L or less  so make sure you check it out when it starts on October 1st :) The theme for this round is Autumn. Here is a preview of Sugar & Cyanide's item :) 

Dress: **S&C** : *Autumn Floral* 

Hair: [elikatira] : *Flattery*

Necklace: Sweet Antidote : *Urban Wreckage Necklace*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Me and My Guitar

Hiya Guys! so The Perfect Wardrobe started a new round ROCKS! Literally :P and Epic's release for it is my FAVORITE item :P

Skin: Al Vulo : *Julia-Intense Night Cleavage Sunskissed* GROUP GIFT Free

Hair: ::Exile:: : *She's So Mean-Dirty*

Choker: Fet!sh : *BDSM Sation Ring-Collar-Black Rubber*

Guitar: Epic : *Kawaii Leopard Space 
Guitar* @ The Perfect Wardrobe

Outfit: [SAKIDE] : *Rock Me Outfit* @ The Perfect Wardrobe

Piercings: Phoebe~Piercings & More : *P2* TAE Gift FREE

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello Everyone! Material Girl just released a few new shapes. This is one of the shapes, its beautiful :D and it goes amazingly well with most skins , especially if u wear glam affair or Al Vulo. You can also try a Demo :) Also Intrepid has some amazing mesh dresses :P this one is cute :D

Shape: **Material Girl** : *Harmony Shape* Marketplace only

Dress: Intrepid : *Jersey Knit Blue*

Skin: Apparence : *Lilou Fairy* GROUP GIFT FREEEEEE! :P 

Hair: [elikatira] : *Studio* 75% off Sale

Saturday, September 22, 2012

[FIEND] Group Gift

Another Awesome low budget look =) and if your looking for a shape Check out my friends store :D They go great with many skins such as Glam Affair, Laq, Mother Goose, and various others.

Shape: Shiny Stuffs : *Rose* Marketplace Only

Outfit: [FIEND] : *Memories* FREE Group Gift

Skin: ::Mother Goose:: : *Salome* 1L skin dollarbie

Hair: ""D!va"" : *Sayaka2* Lucky Board Freebie

Earrings: Shiny Stuffs : *CreamAqua Feather Earrings* 5L @ Marketplace Only

Camera: The Arcade : *Tee*fy Vintage Camera* Gatcha Event-Various colors 75L to play

Friday, September 21, 2012

Queen of....

It's been awhile since I've worn Truth but they just sent out their Subscribe-O Gift

Dress: **S&C** : *Demented Dress* Only @ The Demented District!

Hair: >TRUTH< : *Sam* FREE! Subscribe O gift

Earrings: Mandala : *SENJYU*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Night Clubbing

 Intrepid is now a new sponsor of Wonderland Vixen <3 tysm with that being said I have one of her amazing detailed mesh dresses. Alongside me is my friend Tara who also has a bloggg that u need to check out :D

From the Left:

Look #1

Shape: *Rose*: Shiny Stuffs @ Marketplace

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Caitrin-Vanilla*

Dress: [celoe] : *April Dress*

Earrings: RYCA-Hoop-de platinum

Bangles: [EY:NO] : *Mess Bangles (Silver)*

Shoes: N-Core : *COQUETTE Platform-Pure Black*

Look #2

Dress: Intrepid : *Glitter Strapless* 

Hair: [elikatira] : *Mood* 70% off sale going on til Oct 1st!

Clutch/Purse: Serenity Style : *Clutch Black* Marketplace Item 5L

Shoes: *Same as Look 1*

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kennedy's @ The Trailer Trash Hunt

Okay Guys here is Kennedy's gift for the Trailer Trash Hunt! Plus the goodies I picked up from The Arcade gatcha event :D  Also Magika's new release is amazing :)

Dress: Kennedy's : *Mesh Strapless Pink Dress* Trailer Trash Hunt Gift FREE

Hair: Magika : *Faint*

Ears: [Auxiliary] : *Gatcha_Mouse Ears Bow4* 50L to play , colors and styles vary :) @ The Arcade

Watch: *Katat0nik* : *Nadda Watch-bunny* Gatcha @ The Arcade 50L to play

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The Autumn Effect Hunt is in full swing! Here is my favorite outfit so far. I normally hate Orange outfits but this is so lovely!

Outfit (Sweater & Pants): [SAKIDE] : *Autumn Fest* TAE Hunt Gift FREE!


Cigarette: VIRTUAL/INSANITY : *Lucky Stroke Ciggie* TAE Hunt Gift FREE

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Turn the Page*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Their Not Gonna Get Us

Top: **S&C** : *Cardigans*

Jeans: V&M Inc. : *Skinny Jeans Love Gun*

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Fade Into You*

Head Piece: LaGyo : *I LOVE YOU* @ The Dressing Room 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Defender of Evil

Hello all ^_^ PopTart has an amazing gift for the Never Back Down Hunt ^_^ 

Outfit: {Pop Tart} : *Roxy* NBD Hunt Item Free

Belt: BLITZED : *Legacy Belt*

Hair: Magika : *Draw*

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Outfit: [FIEND] : *Primary*

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Ready To Go-Wild Fusion* @ FaMeShed

Bag: ~Pepper~ : *Gone Clubbing* Group Gift -Small Fee to join

Friday, September 7, 2012

Newsss from the Fairytale Hunt!

All I have to say is WOW, I just started doing the Fairytale hunt out of boredom and came across some AMAZING hunt gifts and stores! its worth checking out for sure. Also Tiff did a great job making this outfit for the hunt gift from Bitch Tail...its Stunning really...I'm in love with the outfit!

Also I have to give props to Panda Punx...this skin is so lovely! they are becoming easily one of my top 10 skin places in SL.

Outfit + Shoes: ::Bitch Tail:: : *Wishes* @ FFH Gift FREE!

Skin: Panda Punx : *Fairytale* FFH Gift FREE

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waiting Alone

New Release from {Pop Tart} :)

Dress: {Pop Tart} : *Party Dress-Glitter Pink* Comes in dif styles and colors :) 

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Set Free : Chardonnay*


Shirt: **S&C** : *Draped Shirt-Sunset*

Pants: [Cynful] : *Zia Denim* Ice Cream Hunt Item #7 FREE

Belt: BUID : *Black Leather V1*

Hair: ::Exile:: : *Little Things-True Colors-Wild Fusion Pack*

Earrings: Mandala : *Senjyu-Black Hole*

Headband: =FT : *Bow Knot Headband* Past Dollarbie

Tattoo: My Own (not for sale)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Miss Tokyo

Another amazing Hunt Item from the Twisted Hunt!

Dress: ~Sassy~! : *Madarin Vinyl Dress* Twisted Hunt Item FREE

Hair: Ploom : *Oro-Ink* Old Hairstyle..check marketplace

Skin: -Glam Affair- : *Lillith* Group Gift 30L to Join

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Here are some Hunt Gifts from the Summer Harvest Hunt!

Dress: [The Plastik] : *Achillea* SHH Gift FREE

Hair: Alice Project : *Kiera* SHH Gift FREE

Jewelry Set: ::SWEET LEONARD:: : *Autumn Whispering Necklace*

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Twisted Darkness

Greetings everyone! I Present to you an AMAZING Twisted Hunt gift from Sn@tch, it is wonderful for roleplay or just fun :) The Twisted Hunt has officially begun. I stopped by and picked up a few items from some stores that captured my interest :)  Also an amazing tattoo from Little Pricks. Enjoy :)

Outfit/Make up/wings/stockings/horns: Sn@tch : *Twisted Hunt Gift* FREE

Tattoo: Little Pricks/Skin Deep: *Death Ride* Twisted Hunt Item (FREE)

Boots: [GoS] : *Triumph Boots* (on a side note: there is a 50% off sale on some items from GOS at the Truth District, so act fast before its gone)

Hair: Ploom : *Vespa* @ My Attic (Grab it for 95L)