Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Leaf

hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts, but going through a break up process so posts will be a bit limited on my for a bit until I can fully recover and function. 

I always wanted a perfect Rave/EDM girl look so I sort of put this together.

Top: *B.D.R* : *Lady Cupcake* FREE 0L

Skirt: Ducknipple : *Pleat Skirt w/ HUD* 

Shoes: Ducknipple : *Unisex Skate shoes w/ HUD*

Necklace: *MM* : *Yummy Charm Jewelry Set* 10L

Bracelets: *MM* : *Rainbow Rave Bracelets* 10L

Hair: Exile : *Heart's Don't Breakeven* NEW!

Ring: {PopTart} : *Ringy Pop-Cotton Candy RARE* Gatcha Play

Headphones: {PopTart} : *Bow Headphones-Kitty* Gatcha Play

Tights: /Erratic\ : *Stripes Stockings-White* Past FLF

 "and then they were gone, as suddenly as they came, I dont know why but I feel very excited about the future, anything is possible now"

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