Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One More Summer

So I finally had a chance to check out some items for the Dirty Turkey Hunt and the Perfect Wardrobe :P I did some mix and matching :D

Top, Tongue & Feather Headband: ::Alter Ego:: : *Dirty Turkey* TDTH Item FREE! part of an outfit :) 

Necklace: Izzie's : *Heart Necklace* @ The Perfect Wardrobe 90L

Pants: *Epic* : *Digi Hippie Hipsters Hugger (Far Out)) @ The Perfect Wardrobe 90L

Eyes: IKON : *Eternal Eyes* (Past Freebie now)

Hair: Magika: *Little*

Nails: SuPerBia : *Grunge Turkey* TDTH Item FREE!

Stripes: ***BND*** : *War Stripes* 5L

Eyeliner: DAMNED : *Tribal Make Up*

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