Sunday, June 10, 2012

rave kandi girl

I recently DJ'd a Rave event in SL, personally I havent seen many authentic rave attire in Second Life, so I decided to get creative from my personal/RL experience with the Rave Scene. Kandi girls were quite common in the day dressing in neon colors and wearing very bright vivid and colorful clothing and beads. I was able to put this together to help out others if u ever attend a Rave contest or event in SL :) Im so very tired of seeing those weird baggy glow pants :/ their not rave at all and ive never seen anyone wear those to a rave. So heres you go :)

Outfit & Backpack: .:AlterEgo:. : *flowa powa* *Freebie*

Hair: .ploom. : *Daisy Indecisive* *Mesh Around Hunt* Also can be purchased in Store.

Tattoo:::Para Designs:: : *Cupcake*

Make Up: ..:Beauty Killer:.. : *Cyber Shadows*

Necklace: [JODIEFIED DESIGNS] *Rainbow Beads* (1L Dollarbie Found on Marketplace)

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